Michael Anthony helps the Smartie Challenge for Friends of Bedgrove School

We’ve recently been asked by Friends at Bedgrove Infant School to help with their Smartie Challenge.

With the key objective of raising funds for the school, all pupils at the school were given a tube of Smarties each and, after eating them keep the tube! With the tube, each student was asked to help around the home with chores – washing the car, tidying their room, washing up etc. Each chore was worth 20p.

On 3rd May 2019, all pupils will return to the school with their tubes. The school designed the following poem to help the pupils to save their tubes and fill up with 20p’s.

“We’ve given you these Smarties to eat
But the empty tube you must keep
For every task done, earn 20p
It’s up to you earn your fee
Fill up your tube, right to the top
Return in three weeks for our charity pot!”

Michael Donnachie, Senior Partner for Michael Anthony said: “What a great initiative! We were delighted to get involved and help out. With lots of chocolate being given over Easter, it’s a good idea to twin the raising funds and using a popular sweet snack to help gather in the funds. I hope the school raises a good amount.”

Claire Ashton from the PTFA commented: “Thank you to Michael Anthony Estate Agents for sponsoring the event and providing all the tubes of Smarties. All donations are always such a huge help and the life blood behind the PTA.”


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