Springtime is a great time to market your property. Make your garden a focus

Springtime is a great time to sell your property. Many factors are coming together to help you. The weather should be improving and this helps one often forgotten about aspect of selling your property; the garden.

A garden of any size can really fire the senses of viewers. As this is the second three-day weekend in May, there are some obvious and not so obvious things you can do if you fancy doing some gardening in preparation of selling of your property.

Let’s start with the obvious and the “quick wins”. However, don’t be fooled. An overly manicured garden can also turn people off if they are the viewers who want to design or implement their own changes to a garden. It’s about striking a happy balance.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove weeds from any borders
  • Trim any trees – not excessively. Just consider a short back and sides
  • Cut back eager plants, like ivy
  • If you can, put a small tree by the front door, in our experience can help the eye when people come to view. A bay tree, for example.
  • Can you move recycling bins out of view?
  • If you have a patio, the presence of a table and chairs can help the impression of a loved exterior environment
  • If you have a shed, a tidy up here is not only good for the soul but means your garden items are not spilling into the garden space.
  • Clear up all children’s toys
  • Clear away any animal messIf you fancy doing a little bit more to your garden – either front or back – these ideas can help:
  • Lavender plants often help the scent of visiting vendors and helps create a great impression.
  • Pots around the patio area add a splash of colour. Geraniums, Lobelia and Begonias are great for visually inspiring your visitors.
  • Consider some bedding plants in your borders; marigolds and daisy type plants.
  • Like the pots, hanging baskets add colour. Look for plants that trail – lobelia, for example.
  • Trim the edges of your lawn to give your lawn a nice finish
  • On the subject of the lawn, you can give your green area a refresh with some lawn feed. Ask your local garden centre for advice on what’s best for your lawn.
  • If the garden has potential, we would advise against any personal features – archway’s, statues – let your viewers visualise your property in the years after they have bought it from you

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