Recently, you may have read about Rachel Ciaburro winning the Gold medal allagents people awards – Best Overall in Aylesbury.  She is the best locally – it’s official. Rachel, like the rest of the Michael Anthony team across all the offices, works so hard for our customers maximising every opportunity and ensuring our values and experience flows through everything we do. So, during another action-packed day, we caught up with Rachel to see what makes her tick.

Name:  Rachel Ciaburro

Position: Sales Co-ordinator

When did you start at Michael Anthony? May 2013

Got a nickname? Welsh Dragon

How do you recharge? I love a glass of Pinot Grigio

What superpower would you like to have? To see into the future so I can win the Lottery

What characteristic do you value above all else in others?  Intelligence, politeness, hard work, honesty

Dislikes: Rudeness

Six people (excluding yourself) you’d invite for dinner (dead or alive):  Tom Hardy; Tom Jones; Elvis Presley; Marilyn Monroe; My Grandpa; Gareth Edwards

Favourite place in the world? Italy

Apple or Android? Android

Guilty pleasure? I’m never guilty, I am always open

Favourite charity? Cancer Research UK

Who is your person of 2018? And why? My Son is always the person of any year. Always stronger, grounded, intelligent and loving

Are you superstitious? No, not at all